10 tips for a successful airport transfer: For your flight to be successful, you need to remember one important step – planning your airport transfer. To make it as smooth as possible we suggest you 10 tips that allow you to save your money and precious time.

1. Check the quotation

Customers may be confused when they learn that the originally agreed transfer price has increased after service has already been completed. What should you do to avoid that? Before booking your transfer to or from the airport, be sure you get a fixed price. Many companies will quote you a price but fail to mention that parking fees are extra, boarding fees and waiting are not included, or there is an extra charge for overnight journeys, etc. Don’t forget to ask if the company included all these costs in the price.

2. Book a reservation online

Simple phone call reservations do not guarantee the security of your order. Booking your airport transfers online is the best way to ensure you have a confirmation from the company via text message or email. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you have a written record of your planned journey that you can refer to and check.

3. Provide detailed information

To avoid any misunderstandings about the reservation you should provide detailed information about your transfer. In our experience, a good airport transfer order form includes the date, pick-up time, full address, number of passengers, stopovers if applicable, drop-off addresses, name, and contact number landing flight number and time, or departure terminal, and any necessary instructions relating to your journey.

4. Check the date and flight number

It’s easy to get it wrong. One of the most common cases is when customers enter the wrong flight number, arrival date, or time when booking return travel and actually arrive the next day due to the time difference. Drivers wait for their passengers while they still are fast asleep in a hotel room on the other side of the world.

5. Ask for a meeting service

You can arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport if you travel infrequently and are afraid to get lost or need to get to your destination as quickly as possible. He will wait for you with your name written on the name board and help you carry your luggage to the car. So, the transfer will be stress-free finding a driver.
Or maybe you travel often and know the territory well, but the perfect timing is crucial to you, and not a minute should be wasted. The agreed pick-up point is the most popular and fastest way to meet a regular customer at the airport.

6. Successful airport transfer – Check your phone

These days, it is becoming easier to arrange fluent airport transfers. You should turn off flight mode on your phone as soon as possible after the plane lands. The transfer companies usually send text message confirmations with the car registration and driver contact details. It is also possible to monitor the transportation route if the company has a mobile application.

The airport is quite a busy place, and many people can get lost by not finding the meeting place or even not noticing the driver waiting in the hall. All you need is to enable your phone, so the process becomes much easier for the drivers, the transport company, and the passengers.

7. Let the driver assist

After you have made a reservation, you should relax and let the transportation company arrange all the details. Carrying your bags, minding your luggage, or just pointing you in the right direction should all be part of the service.

8. Tell the driver if you need anything

Your driver can assist you with almost anything you need during the trip to and from the airport. Maybe you need a quick stop on the way and grab something for a snack or use a ladies’ room? Stopping for a short time is usually not a problem. Many drivers see such a stop as an opportunity to stretch their legs for a minute. The willingness to adapt to unplanned situations shows the quality of the company’s airport transfer services.

9. Leave feedback

Every company wants to know how customers evaluate their services. The positive review might enlighten the day and help other customers to decide, and the negative ones are the fuel for improvement. So, in both cases, your opinion is a treasure for a business.

10. Successful airport transfer – Sit back and relax

Don’t you ever realize that when you see that the car has arrived, it is an exciting beginning of your journey or the final relief that you will be home soon? You do not need to stress or overthink the airport transfer. Just place your reservation and dedicate your time to more precious moments.

We will ensure that your airport transfers become a pleasant experience and an integral part of a comfortable and safe trip.

10 tips for a successful airport transfer