When we set up a journey, we have an hourly plan of where and when we need to be at a particular time. Transfer services become a part of the accomplished plan. So, you must be sure that you placed a booking for transfer services correctly and that the car will be waiting for you at the expected time.

The process is simple and divided into 3 steps: Booking itinerary, Quotation, and Booking confirmation.


 Step1: Booking an itinerary

First the address

Start by entering a full pickup postcode, then wait for a second while your address will pop up in the address line. At the address area, you need to add the house number at the beginning and wait for the selection to appear.

If pickups require a specific place without a door number or address missing, please, add it in the additional address section or the comment section on step 3 later.

Set up the date

The same filling will be with the destination address. After you set the address, move forward. Now you can enter the expected pick-up date and time.

Passengers and baggage

In the next passenger section, add the total number of passengers, including children. If you are traveling with a suitcase or luggage, please add all amounts in the two following sections. That is crucial for us to select the vehicle that suits your needs.

Additional requirements

A little bit lower, you can find a section where you can place your requirements: add another stop, swap the addresses, or book a return journey during the one booking.

After filling in the Booking itinerary information is complete, please press the yellow button to “Calculate Price” and go to the next section: quotation.

Step 2: Quotation

On the quotation screen, you will see our fleet. Our booking system automatically selects the right vehicle for the requested journey, but if your transfer needs a more comfortable vehicle, please select the vehicle manually from the list.

For example, you can find 4 similar vehicles with different luggage storage capabilities, so select the one that suits your needs.

Attention! Do not forget to check the route at the bottom of the screen to make sure the pick-up and drop-off addresses are correct!

If you are making a pick-up booking from the airport, you will be able to see an additional “Meet&Greet” option on this step. Just add a tick on it, and we will be waiting for you in the arrival hall.

Once you have selected the vehicle, press the “Book Now”.

Final step 3: Transfer services booking confirmation

At this step you have multiple booking options: proceed as a guest, log in, or register. Registered customers can get 5% off on all journeys, but this is an additional option. You can book a transfer as a guest as well.

Please fill in all requested details: name, mobile number, and email. Customers who create an account can place orders for other people: family members and friends by selecting the box “Book for someone else”.


Below you will find the additional box named “More Options”. Here you can choose wheelchairs or the type of baby seats you need, etc.

Have no special requirements? Just ignore this section.

After these steps, you can see the full booking information. You can place additional information or requests in the comments section.

And finally, payment. Select the payment method; cash or debit/credit card. If you have a discount code, you can type it in the box nearby.

Accept the terms and conditions and click Book Now!

Congratulations! You have successfully placed the order.

How will you know that your booking is confirmed? Just wait while our colleagues look through it and give a response. Usually, within an hour the booking status will be ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Cancelled’ (subject to availability) by SMS (UK number only) and email. If the booking status changes to “Confirmed” and you have selected to pay by card, you will receive an additional email with a payment link to pay for transfer services. Also, you can pay by cash to the driver.

3 steps for the successful booking of transfer services